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~~~Welcome to Success Careers~~~

We do what it takes to find companies who are willing to invest in your financial future.

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Welcome to the Web Site for Success Careers

Success Careers
Agent: Rhonda Merrill {ID#1288}
12052 E 65th Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46236

Success Careers
Home Office
5100 High Point Road
Greensboro, North Carolina 27407

Success Careers

We are an established Job Placement Firm that specailizes in the Work-From-Home Environment. We are currently seeking individuals to fill a variety of positions. To receive a list of current openings in your Local or Abroad areas please contact Rhonda Merrill by filling out the Electronic E-mail Form below or Call 317-826-9196 for further Information and Application. If calling Please note Between hours of 9:00am & 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

(You may also request a time for me to call you in form below at your convenience)

Because we are working with thousands of different companies and businesses, we are looking for people with a vast array of qualifications and skills. We have listings for accountants, bookkeepers, clerical workers, delivery people, data entry operators, translators, crafters, artists, computer operators, artists, programmers, etc., and the list goes on and on. At Success Careers, we simply match the company with the person who is most qualified to fill the job vacancy. There are literally thousands of woman, students, retirees, disabled and housebound people, out there looking for a way to make extra money from home.

During your training period with our company (1 to 3 months) if you are active we will then supply you with the jobs listing disc. You may wish to continue with your present job or take on several depending on your schedule. That's O.K., there are thousands of people looking for stay at home jobs and we will find the right person for that employer/business. The reason behind a training period is that the companies that we place for want us to work with the applicants for a period before they are referred to them. These companies will not accept any applicants that have not shown that they can work at home unsupervised.

Success Careers will send all training materials, applications, phone scripts, time sheets, everything that you need. You will have to pay $22.00 check or money order the first time but this is all you ever pay to do this job. This is not a fee to work it is registration and processing of your materials. After you receive your package and you need someone to talk you thru starting up, just call our customer service reps. anytime. The number will be supplied in your package. Its really too simple, you can do it!

The concept behind our strategy is "In order for us to succeed we need Qualified and Dedicated individuals who are going to take this postion seriously". This is not MLM, Get-Rich-Quick-Shemes, A Downline Builder nor A promise that you are going to make $14,000.00 in the next 90 days.

It is not a hidden fact that when you decide to start a Business your goal is to make a Profit. This is why we pride our selves in the quality to produce our clients with qualified personal. You will by no means "ever" be left in the dark. There will always be someone for you to turn to for Support Guidance and Advice. We hope you decide to give us the opportunity to train you in a new and exciting career that will only be beneficial for us both. Please contact your agent {Rhonda Merrill} for further information and application.

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