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*****UPDATE: Aug 1, 1998*****

Special, Thru Sept 30,1998. On Single orders recieve 1 week free (EX:1 extra submission per url). On Membership orders receive 1 extra month free (EX: 1 month = 2, 3 month(s) = 4, ect.) On Referrals receive extra URL submission (EX: for each Payed Order x(s) your URL(s) by 1).

*****UPDATE: July 12, 1998*****


Current Prices

~Guaranted Lowest Priced Submission Service~

If you answered yes to any of the questions above please read on. I promise to keep it short and to the point.

I do believe I am currently offering the best prices for auto submission presently via the internet. I garantee to submit your URL(s) to 350 - 600 plus Directories & Search Engines within 48 hours of confirming your payment.

If you live outside of the United States or Canada you must submit payment in the form of Money Order Only. Once I receive your Money Order I will process your order the same day.

Rhonda Merrill

12052 E 65th ST
Indpls, IN 46236
United States

I will then submit your URL(s). In 2 weeks I will resubmit your URL(s). You may request I wait 1 month if you so desire. Please state when submitting your order if you prefer this option.

I also provide advanced payment for 1, 3, & 6 month membership programs. If you sign up for a membership program I will submit your URL(s) on a weekly basis for the duration of your membership. (Again you may request your URL(s) to be submitted monthly. This will not take away from the program you choose. (For EX: If you prepaid for 1 month you would instead extend your submissions to 2 months.) I will send you confirmation weekly of your submission status. You may request this by E-mail or in Writing. Which ever you prefer.

Please refer to the list below for current price status.

~~~~~~~~~SINGLE ORDERS~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~MEMBERSHIP ORDERS~~~~~~~~~

Referral Service

To sign up for referral program please send E-mail with "Referral Service" in the subject line. Please include in your message your "Name, Address, City, State, Postal Code", "Web Site URL where you will post HTML code" & "E-mail address you wish to be contacted by". I will then send you the HTML to insert on your pages & your Referral ID#. (Please note that under no condition are you to use this program to Spam, In Auto Responders or E-mails nor to Promote any Illegal Activities.)

Rhonda Merrill

Success Careers
12052 E 65th ST
Indpls, IN 46236
United States


Attention all individuals planning on using this service. This is a program I run strictly from my home office. I own my own Home-Based business. I am a graduate from Ball State University & am employed as a Medical Billing Specialist. I graduated in 1987. I started my own company in the spring of 1991 after I gained needed experience in an office setting. I love God, my work, animals, children, long vacations & my husband of course. I look forward to helping each and every one of you succeed in your business ventures.

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